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Now Pitching...#41 (and other thoughts)

Joe Torre announces Randy Johnson as opening day starter. He's rested, healthy, and ready to go. I think this season will be a more of a return of the Randy Johnson of old instead of an old Randy Johnson. With all the grief he caught last year for injuries and inconsistent play, he still won 17 games and was a gamer for us out of the bullpen against the Angels. Johnson makes his first spring start on Saturday.

With every day we get closer to that first "Play Ball!" of the regular season, the more excited I get. I'm so glad to even have spring training games. Watching the team in their all navy warm ups, playing long toss or jogging just outside the foul lines even while the games were being played. Intersquad; Yankees team A vs. Indians team B. All of it jazzes me up. No more fluff stories. No more speculation. Soon it will be layed all out on the line. The games will be played and the entire barren winter will be a distant echo of a memory.

"You look forward to it like a birthday party when you're a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen."
-Joe Dimaggio, on opening day