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Will Mattingly be the Next manager?

Donnie Baseball managed one of the split squad games yesterday and said:

"I'm not saying I'm ready now or anything like that," Mattingly said, "but it's something I think I can do. I've always felt like I could do anything I put my mind to."

Everyone knew that when The Boss coaxed Donnie out of retirement to join the Yankees as a batting coach, he wasn't there solely to stay in that position. Nah, I thought the only other guy that stood a chance to replace Torre was Joe Girardi, but he's off to Florida.

Given Mattingly's status as a Yankee icon, and the respect the organization has for his work ethic as a coach, he could be the top in-house option as Torre's replacement.

I'm not sure why they are saying "could be." Outside of Lou Pinella, there's nobody that the Yankee fans will love or do love to this day like Don Mattingly. Did the Yankees ever hold a press conference like the one they gave Donnie for any other coach outside of a manager before? Nope. His reception was the type of celebration that is usually left for a big free agent signing. He'll be the next manager for sure and like everything else he does, Mattingly will excel in that role too.