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USA gets the Boot

Well they choked and are out of the WBC. The USA didn't get a hit from the fifth inning on and played like a AA team instead of a group of high priced all-stars.

Roger Clemens was a loser in what might have been the final start of his outstanding career, and Mexico eliminated Team USA from the World Baseball Classic.

Oliver Perez and seven relievers combined to pitch a three-hitter Thursday night as Mexico beat the Rocket and the United States 2-1, giving Japan another shot at Korea in the WBC semifinals.

The outcome was a stunner, considering Team USA fielded a lineup loaded with All-Stars even without Derrek Lee and Johnny Damon, sidelined with sore left shoulders.

I was really looking forward to the USA playing either Korea or the Dominican Republic for the Championship so know I'll turn my attention to the NCAA tournament and wait to see who makes it to the finals. Who could have predicted that Bud Selig would actually have had a decent idea for a change?