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Mussina looks sharp

Mike Mussina looked on top of his game today and threw the best I've seen him throw in a long time. I know, it's only preseason, but I'll take it. He struck out eight batters in five innings and dominated.

"I did everything and anything I wanted to do in any count," Mussina said. "When you go to the mound, you hope it feels like that, that your stuff is like that. Ninety percent of the time, it isn't; but on the days it is, it's really a lot of fun to pitch."

"He was great today," said manager Joe Torre. "He had real good command, got a good workout and seemed to do whatever he wanted to. I know he's got to be really satisfied with himself."

Robinson Cano stroked the ball like he's ready to have a .300 season and John Kruk of ESPN said he looks like he'll win several batting championships before he's through. I hope you're right John!