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A-Rod Wins It

I had yet to watch a single inning of the WBC until this afternoon, but, Man what an inning I saw. Brad Lidge eeked past danger, Derk Jeter got plunked in the back (tying my stomach in knots) and A-Rod singled in the game winning run with the bases loaded as the U.S. beat Japan 4-3.

A major drawback all along for me was, besides the possibility of injury, that there were no stakes to be played for. From what I saw, the game was tense and seemed meaningful. It's been so long since I've seen some baseball being played and the inning that  I saw impressed me. I've come out strongly against the WBC, but this game has, at the very least, caught my attention. Although this interest may go down the tubes with one broken arm or torn knee ligament. Hopefully A-Rod can reconjure that game winning magic in October (and November) when it really matters.

Updated from Jamato:

My Two Cents

It was a great game and I'm glad Jaime is starting to see the light and realize the WBC is a lot of fun. However, Japan got screwed.

Japan appeared to take a 4-3 lead off Joe Nathan in the eighth when Iwamura flied to left with one out and the bases loaded. Nishioka beat Winn's throw home, but umpire Neil Poulton ruled Nishioka left the base before the catch was made. It didn't seem that way on the television replay, and manager Sadaharu Oh argued to no avail.
I don't know how that umpire overturned that call when he clearly left the bag in time. If I was Mr. Oh, I'd figure the fix was in even though that wasn't the case. I mean it wasn't even close. Given the fact that it happened in the top of the eighth inning makes it look that much worse. Sure-maybe the USA would have tied it in the ninth and went on to win, but nobody can just assume that. The players and fans of their respective countries are really fired up over this tournament and they deserved more than that bogus call.