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USA advances to round 2

Yea South Africa. I don't think they're known for playing baseball too much:

The running joke was that the South Africans had to be prepped on proper baseball etiquette before facing Team USA. They were warned about dawdling as they stepped in the batter's box against USA starter Roger Clemens, and told to refrain from autograph hunting at the park.---South Africa's outfielders play so deep, they could have walked to Mesa. And the American lineup spent the better part of two hours either dumping balls in front of them or hitting it where no one could reach it.

What an embarrassment it would have been if they didn't make it to the second round. Losing to Canada was bad enough. When they play the Dominican team in the final round and they should, I have a feeling it'll be some really great baseball. At least it's a damn bit more entertaining than preseason baseball which is basically a notch above the NFL all-star game.