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A Little Boss Rubs off on Girardi

Joe Girardi, former New York catcher, and the new Florida Marlins manager has instituted a very Yankee-like 'no facial hair or shaggy 'do' policy'

"I want players to look neat and responsible," Girardi said at a media luncheon Monday. "Maybe it's old school. But it's kind of neat when people are always clean, and I like it."
This is a Yankee policy I've always liked; clean cut and professional. Besides, facial hair on baseball players never look right...the exception being Eric Gagne. His look seems to fit him perfctly and it would be a crime for him look any other way. Girardi's policy doesn't permit facial hair of any kind unlike Steinbrenner's allowance of the well groomed 80's Magnum P.I. 'stache. Thank God THAT look has run it's course.