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Mel's Back...Sorta

Mel Stottlemyre has agreed to come back and be a spring training instructor for the Yanks. After having been squeezed out by the boss, Mel returns at the behest of Brian Cashman.

"Mel told me that he'd always be interested in staying around," Cashman said. "I talked to the Boss about it. He thought it was a good idea. Mel thought it was a good idea. Everybody basically felt: Let's continue the relationship. Mel did a tremendous job here for a long time and provides a lot of valuable insight. So it's nice to have him as part of the support system as we move forward."

Stottlemyre will settle Ron Guidry into his new job as pitching coach and maintain a sense of continuity to a coaching staff that has seen much turnover. It's a good sign, too that Cashman seems to be re-asserting his decision- making authority. I'd hate to see a return to the Bronx Zoo.