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Derek's D

Numbers don't lie ...they just confuse. CNNSI's Jon Weisman presents an interesting take on stats vs. observation. Moneyball vs. old school scouting. Does Derek Jeter deserve his Gold Glove status? Is there way to truly measure defensive play?

Sure Jeter's range isn't the greatest and his hands aren't the softest. No one can deny his rocket arm, his hustle, and his almost daily Web Gem status. Numbers may add a dimension to scouting but they should never tell the whole story. I've read the stats, but I'd rather believe my lying eyes.

This is a new era in baseball, where even a shortstop must hit. Gone are the days of a .240 middle infielder. Phil Rizzuto would have a tough time finding a starting gig in the majors. Derek Jeter makes the right plays at the right time: on the field AND in the batters box. Still, watching him at short is always exciting. Every time he guns a runner out with his rifle of an arm, dives head first into the stands, or snares a pop up in shallow left Willie Mays style it says Gold Glove to me no matter what the stat geeks say.