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The Arms

Mark Feinsand has a good article up about the Yanks pitching staff. They have plenty of arms and plenty of question marks. The bad news was Wright and Pavano's injuries, while Randy Johnson had a sub-par year. Mussina is on the downside of a good career who still can pitch an effective game.

Chien-Ming Wang, Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon were the big surprises and I look for both Wang and Chacon to have big seasons again with Small filling any number of roles. Mark calls it seven starters and I think he's correct because who expects the Yankee staff to be injury free this year? Small is the wild card as an already proven guy who isn't intimidated by New York. I don't trust Jaret Wright for a New York second and he could be the type of pitcher that adapts to the bullpen, but with the money he's making I think the Yanks will go the extra yard in trying to salvage him as a starter. He could also end up in a trade if everyone else stays healthy.

Pavano is another huge "?" He grumbled about not being happy in pinstripes, but the Yanks would be fools if they give up on him too soon. I didn't like what I saw from him last year anyway. He has a good enough fastball, but over used his braking pitches and got thrown around like my niece's ten year old Cabbage Patch doll. Our offense should be incredible, but we all know good pitching shuts down good hitting unless you're the 2002 Angels, and we need this staff to not turn into the broken down staff it was again last year. At least this time we've got some extra pieces to play with instead of holding our collective breaths to see if Small and Chacon could perform at this level.