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Johnny (sorta)

Here's a light and fluffy ESPN puff piece on Johnny Damon and how he meshes with the rest of the team. He's working well within the corporate structure of Yankees, but leaves a different impression than other teammates.

But in many ways, Damon represents everything the Yankees are not, particularly in his self-deprecating humor and his appreciation of the fact that he was once The Enemy...

Damon confesses he's a machine, too -- although he points out, "I'm one with a loose screw." ...

Said A-Rod: "Johnny is going to be the most straightforward guy in our clubhouse. We've needed someone like that because we've always been so cautious."

Looking forward to the season and seeing Johnny Damon do his thing at the top of the line-up and in Center Field. I'll get to do it earlier in L.A. because the first Angels home series is against the Bombers. I won't go so far as Steinbrenner and predict a championship, but Damon was the piece missing from that championship puzzle.