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Sheffield at it again

Do you ever get tired of multi-millionaires whining about their contracts? Ricky Henderson had just signed a five year $8.65 million contract back in '84. Then the following year he was crying about the contract because other players were signing for bigger deals. I remember thinking he was one of the biggest fools I had ever seen. Sheffield's off again-on again love for the Yanks is dumbfounding. Did he ever have a big hit in the playoffs the last two years? Cashman reacted quickly to calm down Sheffield's anger becasue we all know Gary's past with other teams. Earlier in the week Sheffield said this

"I trust him, but I don't trust him totally," Sheffield said of Cashman. "I don't trust no one totally. Until it's on paper I don't trust.

later in the week he said this:

Gary and I sat down and had a good conversation," Cashman said. "I don't want to speak for him, but I'm glad to hear what's important for him. It was important we talked. I am glad we did. I hope it will continue."

After leaving the meeting with Cashman, Sheffield was in a better frame of mind.

"It's about doing it the right way; we are not going to let the media come between us," Sheffield said.

Sheffield is proud of the relationship he has built with Cashman after the initial encounter wasn't good.

Have fun managing this guy Brian. He'd be a little easier to take if the Yanks get the ring this year, but honestly if Cashman had the power he does now-Sheffield would not be a Yankee at all. Vlad G. would be roaming the outfield at an incredible bargain price instead of Sheff.