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Two More Years of Sheff...One last Hoorah for the Moose

Gary Sheffield told reporters that Brian Cashman expressed confidence in the picking up of his 2007 option. If picked up, Sheff stands to make another $13 million, the average of his 3 year $39 contract.

"They brought me in and told me they were probably going to pick the option up," Sheffield said after meeting with general manager Brian Cashman. "You always want to earn whatever you get. I take a lot pride in that. He didn't have to bring me in today. I appreciate that."

With that fierce bat wiggle and a tendency to swing from the very core of his being, he's regarded as one of the most feared batters in an awesome Yankee lineup. Sheff has tamped down that self destructive attitude that made him disliked in Los Angeles and Miami, with the exception of last season where he considered himself to be the team's leader. As long as he produces and we win, he can say whatever he wants. He's produced in the Bronx, and seems comfortable with not being "The Man" (for the most part).

In the same article Mike Mussina felt less certain about his future.

"I'm pretty sure it won't be picked up," Mussina said. "They want to see me healthy, just like me. I'm OK with that."

His option is $17 million. He'll be 38 next season  and that money could be better spent on a younger arm. I like Moose, don't get me wrong. I saw him shut down the Angels at the Big Ed last year saving the Yanks from an Anaheim sweep. His price tag just way too high. I hope to see him pitch next year in a possibly diminished capacity out of the pen, but I won't cry in my soup if he's not around.