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Ozzie Guillen...A-Hole

I've made some mention of A-Rod's flip flop at the WBC, but Ozzie Guillen had this to say:

"Alex was kissing Latino people's asses," Guillen, who's from Venezuela, said in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated. "He knew he wasn't going to play for the Dominicans; he's not a Dominican!
"I hate hypocrites: He's full of [expletive],"..."The Dominican team doesn't need his ass."
He also chimed in on Nomar:
It's the same with Garciaparra playing for Mexico. Garciaparra only knows Cancun because he went to visit."
Win a World Series and people start going cuckoo. Now Ozzie is bitching about who's more Hispanic? Guillen has a big mouth and has always been "controversial". He'll find out once the winning stops that "being controversial" is a sure ticket out of Chicago's favor. Now, I think the White Sox players have a lot of class, it's a shame their coach is such a profound idiot.