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So What Else Is New? Pavano Is Hurt Again.

Looks like Carl Pavano, the Glass Joe of the Yankees starting rotation, will be unable to pitch from a mound until March 1st. Pavano missed the last 3 months of last season with a shoulder injury, this time it's his back. After complaining of stiffness, he was sent to a specialist who recommended a two week rehab routine. This will possibly delay his first starts of the season. Joe Torre who is usually zen about these things put the setback this way:

"You certainly don't want to get to this point of taking this much care and then decide that just because the season opener is coming that you've got to hurry up and do something," Torre said. "He could very well be ready to start the season, I don't know, but again, we're certainly not going to have that as a necessity."
Man, I don't know. Carl Pavano rocks on X-Box. Stupid virtual world. Hopefully these are precautionary measures and not a sign of things to come for him. He's barely thirty and Pavano's as brittle as...something that's very brittle. A pretzel, maybe. Or a dried twig. Or an old person...with bone density issues.

Anyway, with only two full uninjured seasons under his belt, I'm starting to think that not even Saint Jude can help this lost cause. What happened to the days of pitchers throwing 300 innings? They are throwing less and getting injured more. It used to be in days gone by that 35 starts was expected from a hurler, now we're lucky if he's throwing on flat ground by the All Star break.

Still my cockeyed Yankee optimism prevails. I see the starting pitching staff as sharks teeth. If one falls off, there's a whole new one ready to take it's place. And you never know, Pavano could bounce back from this stronger than ever. It's not like he's got to carry a weak offense. Oh, man, it's not even Spring Camp and I'm all a-twitter and nervous. Baseball is back boys and girls. Baseball is back.