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The Boss Arrives Early

Spring is in the least out here in Sunny California. The birds are chirping, the sky is blue (my apologies to my 'frozen to the bone' friends and family back east), and baseball is a few short days away. Not only are pitchers and catchers reporting, but The Boss is slated to be at camp this week as well.

"I'm going to be very active in spring training," the Yankees' principal owner said through his industrious spokesman, Howard Rubenstein. "I go to work every single day. I'll be in the locker room. I'll be on the field. I'll be very active."

Newsday's Ken Davidoff reports that even though Steinbrenner will make a strong spring impression, he will be a much quiter presence during the season. Much has been made of the Boss' health concerns, but the will to win still drives him. I like that Steinbrenner was a quieter presence this off-season with Cashman shouldering the weight of the decisions. Unlike past Yankee seasons, this team is relatively the same with all but one starting position player having started with New York last season. No huge roster shake-ups (with the exception of a re-tooling of the middle and late relief) to rattle the chemistry. If things turn south I fully expect The Boss to raise hell and have the trigger pulled on a big trade. I wouldn't have it any other way.