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It's Lonely Out in Space

According to the the Daily News, there has been some rumblings on the Roger Clemens front. His good buddy Andy Pettite weighed in:

"When Roger's ready to talk about (his future), he'll talk about that. But I know one thing - he's trying to get himself ready to play in a world cup game."

And beyond that? "Knowing him," said Pettitte, "I'd be surprised if he didn't (come back)."

Beyond that the paper reported that Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada have been lobbying for the Rocket to return to the Bronx. Clemens has been pitching BP and working out in preparation for the much maligned World Baseball Classic. Many people feel that he will come back and play another season in the majors once the tournament is over.

As far as I'm concerned Clemens should hang 'em up. If he feels the need for that one last taste of glory, he should do it elsewhere. Many people say that they are not the type of people to hold a grudge. Well, I am. Last season the Astros paid him 18 million dollars and got shellacked when it mattered the most. We've got two aging all star pitchers in Mussina and Johnson, we don't need another one. Management has cut the payroll, strengthened the weaknesses and got younger this off-season. I'd hate to see those trends reversed.

The Yanks gave Clemens the greatest final season a player could ever hope for. He came back with another team , and that's his choice, but he left a sour taste in my mouth. He is too great a pitcher to retire with every team he played for hating him. If the Rockets comes back to the Yankees, the Houston fans would be angry and I wouldn't feel so great about it either.

TRIVIA: Did you know in 1981, Roger Clemens was selected by the New York Mets as a 12th round pick in the draft? The Rocket, of course, did not sign a contract with them.