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Is Jim Leyritz really attempting a comeback?

File this under....what the hell are you thinking?

George King via the NY Post blog:

The King wants back in.

With his MLB radio job calling for more time away from his Florida home Jim Leyritz is looking to make a comeback.

"Some (teams) have asked me about playing,'' said the 42-year-old Leyritz, who last played in the big leagues in 2000 with the Yankees and Dodgers and toiled for nine years with the Yankees. "The reason I was home was the (three) kids. But if I have to go on the road I might as well try to play.''

Leyritz insists his body is better than ever thanks to shoulder surgery.

"They asked me and I am going to start working out,'' said Leyritz, who predicted he could help a team as a back-up catcher and first baseman.

Leyritz, whose ability to deliver in the clutch and outgoing personality endeared him to Yankee fans, was with the Yankees last in spring training of 2002 when he didn't make the club. He said the Yankees aren't one of the teams who asked him about playing again. But if his body responds to the workouts Leyritz said he would ask his former team for a chance.