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Cashman sends A-Rod some love

Jon Heyman of reports:

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman sent a strong message to Alex Rodriguez in a long dinner meeting Wednesday night with agent Scott Boras: "We love you, and you're not going anywhere.''

A big stir was created at the Winter Meetings when Cashman and Boras hopped into a car and drove off, and the main purpose of the dinner was to discuss how they can best support Rodriguez, who had an off-year by his standards in 2006 when he batted .290 with 35 home runs and 121 RBIs and was occasionally the target of booing in the Bronx.

The Angels are one of several teams to have shown interest in Rodriguez, who has a no-trade clause and professed his desire and intention to stay many times. The meeting was designed to reaffirm the Yankees' intention not to pursue any outside interest. On the menu were different ways to support A-Rod.