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All eyes on Pettitte

On the final day of the Winter Meetings, there is only one story in Yankeeland:  Andy Pettitte.

Jim Baumbach has an interesting thought on his blog that I hadn't read anywhere else:

One person familiar with Andy Pettitte's thinking described him yesterday as "50-50," torn between the Yankees and Astros. But the Yankees definitely are optimistic about their chances to land him and will go above and beyond in the negotiations to secure their former pitcher. Remember, also, the Astros did not offer Pettitte arbitration, so the Yankees will not have to give up their first round pick next year if they do sign him. In the new Yankee world run by Brian Cashman, that's important meaningful stuff. The talk of a one-year deal for as much as $15 million is legit.

In other non-Pettitte news, Ron Villone has until today to accept arbitration from the team and all signs indicate that he will do just that because there doesn't appear to be any real interest from anyone else.