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LoHud: Astros to acquire Jon Garland from the ChiSox

Peter Abraham has some very interesting inside info via LoHud that could very well indicate that Pettitte is just another step closer to the Bronx:

"The Astros are close to acquiring Jon Garland from the White Sox, which will certainly lessen their need to retain Andy Pettitte. I suspect Pettitte will be a Yankee before the end of the weekend.

Brian Cashman said he had no further meetings scheduled today. His plan was to eat breakfast and shop for some souvenirs for his kids.

He did not comment much on Pettitte. But there was something that I picked up.

Yesterday, Cashman said he had not talked to the lefty since he saw him at Joe Torre's charity dinner in November. I asked him today if he had spoken to Pettitte and Cashman said, "I wouldn't say."

So it would appear the Yankees are in the recruiting process.

More on this as it develops."