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Report: Meche to sign with the Royals -- yes, Royals

Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports has a real shocker that blindsides every other team that was interested in obtaining the right-hander:

"The deal is for 4 years and $45 million, according to MLB source. Both the Cubs and Blue Jays offered Meche deals for 4 years and $40 million, sources said.

The Royals also have made a 3-year, $24 million offer to free agent right-hander Miguel Batista. The Cards and Mariners are also pursuing Batista.

The Royals also are one of four finalists for free-agent right-hander Octavio Dotel, who they likely would use as their closer.

As for the Blue Jays, they were shut out on both Meche and free agent left-hander Ted Lilly, increasing the possibility they will explore trades for CF Vernon Wells.

Meche pitched to an 11-8 record and a 4.48 ERA in 32 starts for the Mariners last season."

Why on Earth would anyone voluntarily sign with the Royals?  He had options from Toronto and the Cubs and perhaps other clubs, but chose George Brett University instead.  

I hope he liked last-place while he was in Seattle because this team has little chance to compete at all.  Then again, the same thing was said about Ivan Rodriguez when he shocked everyone and signed with the Detroit Tigers a couple of years ago.