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2006 Winter Meetings: Day 1

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but my computer desperately needed some TLC and a major overhaul but is now back up to working conditions.

As for Day 1 of the Winter Meetings, Pete Abraham of LoHud is down in Orlando and has a summary of what Brian Cashman said yesterday during a Q&A with the media:

Brian Cashman was wearing jeans, white sneakers, a yellow Winged Foot golf shirt and holding a football when he welcomed us into his suite. The football, he said, came from his office. He likes tossing it around as he thinks. Cashman also had a Bose Sound Dock set up so he could play his iPod Nano. "My hip-hop music is here," he said.

As for what is happening with the Yankees:

  • There will be a meeting tomorrow with Arn Tellem to start negotiations for Kei Igawa.
  • No decision has been made on Bernie Williams. Cashman has spoken twice with Bernie and twice with Scott Boras. Once they see what the rest of the roster is like, they'll see if he fits in.
  • A lot of teams have asked about Humberto Sanchez, Chris Britton and Melky Cabrera.
  • He said teams still try and pry Phil Hughes away. No chance.
  • "A few stragglers" still ask about Alex Rodriguez. Not happening.
  • The rest of the coaching staff is returning.
  • He praised the work of Ron Villone but said there have been no contract talks. Sounds like the Yankees want to keep him.
  • As for Miguel Cairo, "I have a need for a utility player."
  • Cashman said he wants the payroll lower than it was last season. He said in the past they might have jumped at one of the free-agent starters on the market now. "Live and learn," he said.
  • He said no signings were imminent. "I'm patient but I'll be more aggressive if something makes sense," Cashman said.
  • About trades: Cashman said his style is throw a bunch of different ideas out there and see if anything sticks. It sounds like he's willing to talk to anybody about almost anything. But he is comfortable with the roster as it stands and wants to keep the young players so the roster can remain flexible.