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Pettitte Sooner Rather Than Later?

According to CNNSI's Tom Verducci, Andy Pettitte could be in Pinstripes by the end of the week. We know the Yankees are interested in Pettitte, but Verducci seems to think Andy might be interested in New York as well.

Pettitte is intrigued about ending his career where it began and returning to a more intense environment than he found in Houston. With 186 career wins, he also would have the chance of winning his 200th game.
I'm a big believer in Brian Cashman. When he gets his way, he brings in intergral and effective players. Sure there are the big money Pavano and Kevin Brown, but he's got a smaller sandbox to play in so he has to get more creative with his moves. Pettitte does seem ideal with his history in NY; With his performance over the last few years (comparable to Zito and Schmidt and his short contract, he would be around to win now and shepherd the Karstens', Wangs', and Igawas'.

You've got to take these grumblings with a grain of salt, though. After all, Manny was supposed to be in Dodger Blue by now. I'd welcome Pettitte back with open arms, but I'm not counting on it.