The following players are worse than Miguel Cairo

I don't think ol' Miguel needs much of an introduction around these parts.  Cairo batted .239 in 222 ABs in another stellar season for the Yanks.  He has quietly become the best .230 hitter in the history of baseball, an undisputed fact.

The following people had worse batting averages, and are thus worse than Miguel Cairo:

Jason Varitek .238
Alex Cora .238
Joey Gathright .238
Tony Batista .236 (the best .236 hitter in the league)
Juan Uribe .235
Morgan Ensberg .235
Brandon Fahey .235
Angel Berroa .234
Adam Dunn .234
Sidney Ponson .231
Brad Ausmus .230
Jeromy Burnitz .230
Vinny Castilla .229
Bobby Crosby .229

Now I know nobody was stupid enough to doubt that Miguel Cairo is better than Adam Dunn, but now you have undeniable proof!  And this is just a small sample of the top-quality players that Cairo snubs when they ask for his autograph.

By all means, please discuss.

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