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Is Cashman really waiting on Andy?

I hope Brian doesn't wait too long and the Yanks lose a chance to sigh another pitcher.

The Yankees will have a roster spot for Andy Pettitte until he tells them otherwise, even though a Pettitte return to pinstripes seems unlikely. His decision is not expected to come for another few weeks. The Yankees certainly are not counting on a Pettitte return, but he'd be a nice addition to a thin rotation. They also like that he would not seek a long-term deal similar to free agents such as Gil Meche and Ted Lilly.

I'd love to see Pettitte back in Pinstripes...he can pitch in the AL East,  but I doubt he'll return. If he did I think we'd all be jumping for joy. One thing is certain in baseball. You can't have too many starting pitchers. Unless their name is Jeff Weaver.