Cashman seeming to punt on 2007 season

Wow, within one article we learn that Cashman has pulled a Theo and punted on the Yankees' 2007 season. With Zito gone, I don't see how you can dump the Unit for prospects without having a viable backup option. Rasner and Karstens may do OK, but I am more concerned with the playoffs than the regular season. Unless Cashman has a side deal with the Rocket or has a trade lined up to package some of these prospects for a front-line starter, I am taking this post-Zito effort to still trade Unit as a sign that Cashman is punting on the season. I realize that Boston has made huge strides this winter and in my opinion should be the division favorite, but the gap isn't wide enough for Cashman to fold up the tents like this.

Even worse, the article goes on to state that Dougie M is likely to be signed as the first baseman. With this tragically comic follow-up to spending over 9M/year on Kei Freaking Igawa, I almost wonder if Cashman is trying to get himself fired. Those two moves have Bill Bavasi written all over them.

One bright spot is that Loretta might be signed to be the utility infielder. Maybe this means that they will finally put Miguel Cairo to sleep.

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