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The Rocket will pitch


Speaking on a conference call yesterday from Houston, Pettitte said he believes Clemens will pitch in 2007 even though Pettitte said Clemens hasn't told him what his decision will be.

"I would have to imagine he is going to play," said Pettitte, who said Clemens only called him after Pettitte signed with the Yankees. "He continues to come back and continues to be the best pitcher in the league. Why wouldn't he play? I am sure he will come back and play. Who with? I have no idea."

What are your thoughts about Clemens pitching for the Yanks? From what I've read on this site, you guys aren't in love with Roger coming back. The Yanks are not going to let him do what he wants like the Astros did I would think so he won't have his every whim met in NY, but it's kind of intriguing none the less. The press would have a field day with it for sure.