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Vernon Wells

I'd take the money and run. Sources are saying it's better than 50-50 that he'll sign the 126 million dollar deal with Toronto. My only question to him would be---what's taking you so long to sign? How much does a player have to make before he's satisfied? ARod got scorched with the heat in Texas after three years and if Zito opts for the cash, he'll be begging to be traded out of Arlington after he looses 10 lbs in only three innings of work in the summer heat.

Look what happened to Juan Gonzales. He was offered 140 million from Detroit when they were terrible and he passed. Then he vetoed a trade to the Yankees that would have gotten him back to the playoffs. Soon after that, he disappeared into the Jody Reed black hole. Remember him? He passed on a a multi-million dollar deal back in '93 with the Dodgers and was forced to sign with the Brewers for the minimum because he had no market.

I'd love to see Wells in a Yankee uniform of course, but unless he hates Canada, Vernon should immediately sign that deal. If not, Toronto should trade him fairly quickly and preferably to the National League.

Update [2006-12-15 23:9:26 by John Amato]: He's signed, sealed and delivered...

All-Star slugger Vernon Wells agreed on a seven-year, $126 million contract extension with the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday night. However, the deal still needs approval from the players union. Such an 'OK' could come as early as Saturday.