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Brian Cashman speaks about Yankee matters

Peter Abraham of LoHud has the latest from the Yankees GM:  

Brian Cashman on ...

Needs for 2007: "We need starting pitching and there's a spot for a left-hander in the bullpen. There are vacancies at backup catcher, utility infield and right-handed first baseman if one is available."

Talks with Mike Mussina: "I've had dialogue with Arn Tellem. I really couldn't say anything further than that."

Daisuke Matsuzaka: "I wouldn't be able to comment on that process or that player."

Trading Alex Rodriguez: "I received calls on him but not any lately. Everybody believes we're not going to trade him and we're not. ... A lot of clubs would certainly have an interest in acquiring Alex Rodriguez for the obvious reasons. But he's not going to go anywhere. We're going to keep him and we're going to win with him."

Randy Johnson's health: "He's coming along fine. I think because of his age, I don't think anybody should make any representation that he will be ready for spring training. We'll take him along slowly. Does that jeopardize him being ready for Opening Day? The time frame could allow him to be ready for Opening Day but we want to make sure we get it right."

Carl Pavano: "I'm not going to say I can count on him. Maybe I've jinxed myself the last two years. ... I have no intention of selling him off short just because of the bad taste in our mouth over the first two years."

Other matters: Cashman said he sees Jason Giambi as a full-time DH. ... No decision has been made whether to pick up Jaret Wright's option, which is due on Sunday. ... Pavano has moved to Arizona for the winter and is working with a personal trainer. ... 2006 draft pick Mark Melancon recently had elbow surgery and will be out for a year. Cashman said they had a feeling this would happen but took him anyway in the ninth round based on his potential.

Perhaps Brian Cashman should be a politician because he speaks a lot of words, but doesn't give a whole lot of substance.  

However, he certainly doesn't like Pavano very much (who could blame him?) and it appears they are going to be looking for a full-time First Baseman so Giambi can burn his glove and leave the defense up to the pros.