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Yankees Hot Stove and other tidbits

The Yanks are likely to re-sign Moose, but not Jaret Wright, says Tyler Kepner of the NY Times:

The Yankees must decide in the next few days whether to exercise their team options on outfielder Gary Sheffield and starters Mike Mussina and Jaret Wright. None of the players is expected to be back with the Yankees at the option-year price.

Mussina, who turns 38 next month, has known that the Yankees will not pick up his $17 millionoption. But he wants to stay and the team wants him back. Arn Tellem, Mussina's agent, said in an e-mail message that he has had positive talks with the Yankees, but he added that the sides had just started the process.

The Yankees would like to re-sign Mussina for two years, and they seem to understand it would take more than $10 million a year to sign him. Mussina, who had no arm problems last season, would be the second solid member of the rotation, joining Chien-Ming Wang.

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According to George King of the NY Post, the Mets are also interested in Moose:

November 3, 2006 -- How about a Mets-Yankees battle over Mike Mussina to take the chill out of the November air?

Mussina has told friends the Mets would be a welcome option if the Yankees don't want him back. And the Mets will be interested in the veteran right-hander when he becomes a free agent in less than two weeks.

According to a baseball official, the Mets "would have to consider [Mussina] if he is available."

From the beginning of spring training through the disappointment of losing to the Tigers in the ALDS, Mussina didn't allow his impending free agency to become an issue, and believed it would work out with the Yankees. And while Mussina returning to the Yankees remains a strong possibility, once the club doesn't pick up a $17 million option, Mussina is free to talk to all teams.

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Other Yankees news and tidbits:

  • Peter Abraham of The Journal doesn't expect the Yankees to be big-spenders on the current free-agent class.
  • Mariano Rivera to Yankee fans: Give A-Rod a break.
  • The Boss says Jeter is good as gold.
  • Darrell Rasner is raising eyebrows in the Arizona Fall League.
  • Pilot error and a stiff wind caused Cory Lidle's plane to crash, according to NTSB.

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