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I've seen some bad losses in Football..

...but how bad were the Giants? Eli continues to be dreadful-coupled with two plays that were just bizarre. Plaxico Burris needs to be fined for his laziness today. He's an incredible receiver that can make circus catch after circus catch, but his effort is an affront to the Football Gods. He didn't try to go after a ball over his head and then figured he'd take a break and watch the guy who intercepted the ball run away from him which jump started the Titans comeback. There was speculation that he didn;t want to get a roughing the passer penalty, but I'd take aggresive play rather than the opposite.

Then on a 4th down and long with under three minutes, rookie Mathias Kiwanuka who has played pretty well filling in at defensive end had Vince Young wrapped up for the game ending sack and then just let him go instead of plowing him to the ground. Young promptly ran for a first down that lead to the game tying score.

OK, so you figure overtime right? Wrong. Follow that up with Eli Manning throwing an interception with under a minute left and virtually no pressure on him when he could have just thrown the pass away. QB 101. That set up the game ending 49 yard field goal to leave the Giants standing around like buffoons. Mind boggling. Eli almost had a ball intercepted on the prior position. I thought he looked great early in the season, but now he looks like a guy who has never started a game in the NFL.

I know the injuries have crippled the Giants since they crushed Dallas four weeks ago, but this was pathetic. Tennessee scored 24 points in the 4th quarter to win 24-21.

Will Tiki open his mouth and complain about the coaching this week?