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I feel bad for Mathias Kiwanuka

Watching the replays you can see that the kid thought Young threw the ball and didn't want to get a penalty. He's been a great draft choice for Ernie Acorsi because the critics thought he was crazy to take a DE with the first pick, but I agreed with his thinking. You can never have enough pass rushers. And he's done a great job since being forced into the lineup. He'll be a fine player for years to come. Don't let it get you down.

The Giants still could have stopped the Titans after that play, but you know the story.

There were so many goats in this game as I watched the highlights again. Mike Francesa found out that it was only the third time in NFL history a team was up by 21 points in the 4th quarter and lost.

Now they have to play a revitalized Dallas next week in a game that may put their playoff chances in jeopardy.

Injuries are a part of life in the NFL so it can't be used s an excuse, but it's the most frustrating part of football. Who really wants to see McNabb gone for the season? I think Coughlin will have them prepared and the Cowboy game will be closer than it should, but it's not looking good...

Football is a funny game to root for because there's not a game the next day. It used to take me days to get over a loss, but not anymore. Am I maturing?