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More On Jeter

Ok I promise this is the last blog I write on the ridiculous MVP vote. I just could not agree more with what Keith Law had to say (subscription required), which is what John proffered in an earlier post. The most valuable Twin didn't even win the MVP.

I think all carping about the NL MVP voters getting their choice wrong must immediately cease. The AL's voters missed out on identifying the most valuable Twin, never mind wrapping their heads around a whole league.

The reality of baseball is that a great offensive player at an up-the-middle position is substantially more valuable than a slightly better hitter at a corner position. And when that up-the-middle player is one of the best fielders at his position in baseball, there's absolutely no comparison. Joe Mauer was more valuable than Justin Morneau this past season.

Mauer had a 54-point edge in OBP over Morneau, which overwhelms the advantage Morneau had in slugging percentage, and he is arguably the best-fielding catcher in the game when you consider all aspects of catching. Catchers who field and hit the way Mauer does are extremely valuable, just as shortstops who hit like Derek Jeter does and play passable defense are extremely valuable. First basemen who hit like Morneau just shouldn't win MVP awards in years when there are Mauers and Jeters and other candidates to choose from.

OK, I will now move on...:)