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Disgruntled and Dismayed About Derek

While I congratulate Mr. Morneau on winning this year's AL MVP award, I do not see how he stood out from the pack of his other teammates who put up gaudy numbers as well. Maybe since I didn't catch many Twins games, I am missing something. But what? Johan Santana was the best player on the team, pitching in a division populated by offensive powerhouses and Joey Mauer put up monster stats while taking a beating behind the plate day after day.

Derek Jeter on the other hand stood out, head and shoulders above the big boppers; Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi. The Captain played hard and led by example. He hit when no one else hit and kept them afloat during the regular season until they pulled away with the division. He hustled and scrapped and attempted to stay out of the media firestorm that erupted every day in the Bronx.

My feeling is that Jeter's loss is the final casualty of the A-Rod "controversy". Starting with A-Rod's close win last season. That made it nearly impossible for a Yankee to win an MVP award anytime soon. Late this season Jeter took some flak for not defending A-Rod loudly enough in the press or defending Giambi with his problems. The media saw rivalry and turned it Shakespearean. In the end it clouded one of the greatest seasons for this sure fire first ballot hall of famer. And though Justin Morneau hit the Metrodome trashbag with consistency, he was not the most valuable player on his team, much less the league. That's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. Next season, whenever Jeter steps up to the plate and drives in a game winning run we will all know who the MVP truly is.