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Bringing Back The 90s

While the Yankees are looking at some free agents, such as Shea Hillebrand and Ted Lilly, this article heartens me that possibly they have learned from the additions of Melky, Cano, Wang and Abreu via trade, and are heading back to what made the team so successful in the 90s.

Hint, it was not overpriced, constantly complaining, big name free agents. It was homegrown talent and trades for guys that brought a patient hitting approach (See O'Neill), killer instinct on the mound and zest for victory.

I like the Moose signing at the current price. He has been a Yankee now for seven years and gets the pressure of playing in the Bronx. But I would also like to see Hughes come up to the majors and show his stuff pretty soon. By all accounts, he appears ready. Then there are the guys we got in the brilliant Sheffield dumping, not to mention Karstens.

In any case, here is Tyler Kepner's NY Times article on the subject from the other day. Definitely worth a read.