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The Big Game

Yes we are a Yankees blog (thanks to Jon for the nice compliment BTW), but I had to share today's experience in Ohio (anaconda already has a great post on the game below--even if he's rooting for the wrong team:).

I am here on an extended Thanksgiving visit to my wife's family in Cincinnati. We drove from D.C., stopping in Zanesville last night, which is a city about an hour east of Columbus.

It is insane.

Houses, cars, trucks...people everywhere are covered in Ohio State colors. I mean everyone. The rest of the world has stopped today in Ohio.

I have only experienced this much energy around a sporting event three other times that I can think of. The World Cup in France in '98, when I was over there as a student, and the French won it all. And in New York twice, in 1994, Game 7 of the Rangers vs the Canucks (no more 1940 chants!), and the Yanks v. Diamondbacks Game 7, post-9/11.

There are 10,000 people in the stadium in Columbus, another 200,000 right outside. In other words, Ohio State should have electoral votes all its own right now. We drove close by and the place feels like it is about to erupt.

As my wife's family has some OSU grads, all I can say is GO BUCKS! And please don't make it close, they don't do recounts well around here....