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Moose reportedly agrees to 2-yr deal worth $22.5 million

Moose and his inebriated groupies

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November 15, 2006 -- With Mike Mussina re-upping to fall in between ace Chien-Ming Wang and Randy Johnson, if he is healthy, the Yankees have shown an interest in Seattle free agent Gil Meche and are entertaining the possibility of using newly-acquired Humberto Sanchez in a trade for an established starter.

The right-handed Meche would fill in the slot at the back end of the rotation, a slot Phil Hughes won't be ready for until at least June and that Carl Pavano can't be counted on to help at all.

According to several industry Sources, Mussina, 38 next month, and the Yankees have agreed to a two-year deal worth $22.5 million after he went 15-7 with a 3.51 ERA in 32 starts.

As for Meche, the Yankees are one of about a dozen clubs that have informed the 28-year-old right-hander he is on their wish list.

Since the pitching market is depressed, the only AL East team that doesn't have an interest in Meche are the Devil Rays. Everybody else is intrigued by Meche's stuff, which has resulted in a 55-44 career record to go with a 4.65 ERA. This past season pitching for a team that went 78-84, Meche was 11-8 with a 4.48 ERA and made $3.7 million.

Since the Yankees view him as a fourth/fifth starter, they won't get into a silly bidding war fueled by a team (Baltimore?) that needs Meche to pitch higher in the rotation.

Meche missed the entire 2001 season due to shoulder surgery and pitched in the minor leagues the following year. Yet, since 2003 Meche has made 113 starts (28.3 per season).

In the case of Sanchez, the centerpiece of the Gary Sheffield deal with the Tigers, sources believe the Yankees are entertaining offers from clubs who attempted to pry the 23-year-old right-hander away from the Tigers before the Yankees did last week.

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