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Reactions to the Wright/Britton trade

Baseball Think Factory

Once again, the Orioles fail to understand where they are in the competition cycle. Jaret Wright quietly had a decent year for the Yankees, but acquiring him for a year with some cash in return for 5 years of their 2nd-best reliever is what a solid team that needs just one more arm does when it gets them to the playoffs.

After 10 years, the Orioles have still learned nothing. The team does none of the things that good teams do. While the farm system has developed a few players in recent years, something they couldn't do in the late 90s, the farm system still didn't give the Orioles much depth and looks pretty dry again. The depth the Orioles did develop, like John Maine and now Chris Britton, were both traded away for older players that are most likely inferior.

SBN's Camden Chat isn't too happy about giving up Britton either.

I'm so annoyed by this that I can't explain it.

It's Jaret Wright and $4 million of his $7 million salary for a reliever who was one of the only two relievers on this entire God forsaken team that could consistently get people out and get out of innings without a shitload of luck.