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More pro athletes packing heat

A few of you may have already seen the investigative article from the Boston Globe about more pro athletes carrying concealed firearms these days.

I found this article rather interesting and it even prints specific names of athletes who are legally registered to carry a concealed firearm under their local Police Department:

Concealed weapon licenses common

By Bob Hohler, Globe Staff  |  November 10, 2006

A tower of power, he stands 7 feet 1 inch, weighs 325 pounds, and bears a tattoo of Superman's signature "S" on his massive left arm. Yet NBA great Shaquille O'Neal protects himself off the basketball court with more than his physical might and inky bond with the Man of Steel.

He is licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

So are many other American sports figures, including NBA stars Paul Pierce and Vince Carter, NFL standouts Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, and Daunte Culpepper, and New York Yankee pitcher Carl Pavano, according to players and a Globe review of concealed weapon permits in states where the names of license holders are public record.

Read the entire article here.

Yes, our old pal, Carl Pavano is licensed to carry a concealed weapon.  

Given his track record, isn't that rather scary? We already know how clumsy he is with his body and his car, but a gun?

Does anyone want to place wagers on which comes first; Pavano shooting himself in the foot or taking the mound at Yankee Stadium?

I guess I don't blame Pavano for carrying a gun since he probably has to protect himself from pissed off Yankees fans who want him castrated.  

The irony is that he managed to do some stealing of his own a couple of seasons ago when he robbed the Yankees blind for $40 million with nothing more than a pen and a handshake.

Now, that is a crime.