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I love Joe Torre

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Did he make mistakes in the Detroit series? Sure. Did he kowtow to Sheffield and Matsui? Yes. Did he need to bat A-Rod eighth as Mike Franscesa brought up? No. But, I think all of us will agree that Joe Torre was perfect for the NY Yankees and I don't want to see him go. One minute I think a change should be made and then the next I flip back.

It looks like the writing is on the wall and if he does manage one more year I will be surprised. If he stays I'll be very happy because if the Yanks make the necessary changes to this roster they can still win with him in charge. If, if, if. It's hard to write pieces like this just as the Yanks folded up like cheap suits against the Tigers and our emotions are running high.

King George has a right to replace him, but I hope everything is done with class and dignity. He's been here far longer than anyone would have thought and Yankee fans are indebted to him for bringing us four world championships.

Money keeps the Yanks in the thick of things, but it guarantees nothing. Yankee haters use the payroll as a club, but look at the embarrassing NY Knicks. Has NY basketball been any lower? How did the NY Rangers fair with the highest payroll in hockey and not make the playoffs for close to a decade in a sport where almost every team does.

If he does step down then I hope Steinbrenner hires him on with a lifetime contract. I'd hate to see him manage another team.