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I think Pinella is in for sure

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NY Daily News:

Unless other team officials can talk The Boss out of it, or unless Torre, 66, agrees to resign in order to save face, sources said principal owner George Steinbrenner will replace the manager who was credited with returning the team to its fabled glory. Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman is expected to keep his job, as are most members of the front office. Torre may be offered another position within the organizatio

Sources said Steinbrenner lost his patience over the team's listless play in its division series loss to the Tigers - and Steinbrenner is not expected to wait long to make his move.

Sources told the Daily News that Piniella has been in discussions with the Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals, and Steinbrenner does not want the Yankees to miss a chance to sign the man considered the natural successor to Torre for years...

I'll write up my thoughts after I take a bit more time. I do think it's time for Joe to step down. The decision to squeeze Sheffield and Matsui back in to the mix after they missed almost the entire season had many of us spooked. And WE WERE RIGHT.