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Ok, so Mr. Amato took care of most of what was on my mind with his rant. I said many times here how I liked this team better the second half of the season, because it reminded me more of those late 90s teams that could score runs in so many ways and did the little things. Melky was a big part of that. Sheffield, not so much.

Otherwise, AROD and Cano looked terrible both games. Cano I can perhaps forgive, still being a youngin' and all. I'll let you extrapolate the rest.

Here is some news:

Mike Lupica gives a good summary of the game that is definitely worth a read.

ESPN compares pitchers, and actually finds that Mussina outpitched Verlander overall.

And The New York Times runs down some of the gems of Kenny Rogers' career (translation: his most pathetic moments).

Rogers' summation of how much he appreciated that ring from 1996:

"The ring, my son's worn it," Rogers said. "I'm not sure where he's got it. But he's kept it in his room and he takes it out once in a while and I'm hopeful he hasn't lost it yet."

'nuff said.