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Tigers win 4-3

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Hats off to the Tigers, they outplayed the Yanks and won a close battle by one run.

Now the rant. Take it for what it's worth:

Posada was horrible behind the plate by allowing two runners at second to get to third with no outs and that cost the Yanks. Detroit converted their base runners and the Yanks did not. The first one was in the dirt, but his passed ball in the seventh set up an easy scoring chance and cost us the lead run.

The big thumpers ( Giambi, Sheff, A-Rod) were a dud and that's why I hated Sheffield coming back. He should not be at first base and his fielding hurt us today. Would Giambi have caught those two liners down the line? Maybe not, but Sheffield is still in spring training mode as a hitter and if his at bats stay this way it's a nightmare.

We could have put Phillips at first and the lineup would have still been as fierce. With Matsui taking Cabrera's spot, he already gave up a huge defensive chip. Joe, instead of going with the better all around team reverts back to the supposed best lineup ever assembled. Well, what happened today?

Mussina choked too because he couldn't minimize his mistakes. They are going to get hits, but he didn't hold them down when they had their chances. He got two quick outs and then gave up back to back hits to allow Detroit to grab the early lead. I thought he would have carved up the Tigers today, but they converted three scoring opportunities. Giving up the home run to Guillen was the big hit. It brought them even and made them believe after Damon's three run blast gave the Yanks the early 3-1 lead.

Why was Jeter bunting a 100 mph fastball after going 5-5? I scratched my head. That cost us an out and there are only 27 to play with.

I would have bunted Cano with two on and no outs in the second even if he's a monster hitter and set up the top of the lineup. It's the playoffs and their bullpen as we just saw is their strength.

MLB was gutless last night. Holding up that game took the incredible night time stadium atmosphere and advantage away and gave the Tigers another day off to collect themselves.

The first pitch to Posada was a foot outside that was called a strike after Matsui got on. Is it too much to ask ESPN to show a replay of it? It changed the whole at bat. ESPN's coverage of the Dodgers/Mets game was horrible yesterday. The announcers had no idea why JD Drew tried to score behind Kent and their crack on field reporters were mum.

Please feel free to share your thoughts...