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Michael Ventre...Crack Addict

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I've been sick at home all day, but this MSNBC article has given me the vapors, beginning with this little gem:

The reason Alex Rodriguez will never make it "there," as in New York City, is because that well has already been poisoned. Even though he wears pinstripes, A-Rod is held in much the same regard among Yankee fans as Bill Buckner is among Red Sox fans.
He then compares the Sports Illustrated dust up to the old Bronx Zoo days and comes up with a doozy trade him (because with the Yanks he's a "brittle insecure basket case" who's true destination should be the Anaheim Angels.
They'd want a load in return, and that might include one or two of the Angels' arms like Scot Shields and/or Ervin Santana plus maybe a position player and/or a prospect or two.
Those questioning A-Rod's heart, head, or abilities in pressure have every right to do so. Predicting the future is something no one should do. Many of these same people are probably the ones who procalimed that John Elway would never win a Super Bowl. Rodriguez is young and talented enough to prove every one of his detractors wrong several times over. Not only is Ventre wrong in comapring a SI manufactured controversy that "broke" over a month after it actually happened to the days of the Bronx Zoo but also the idea that Brian Cashman would ever trade Rodriguez to the ANGELS is absolutely ludicrous. Whitney Houston once spoke the words "Crack is whack". I suggest, Mr. Ventre you take the once-sultry songstress' words of advice and put down that pipe.