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Kenny Rodgers should have been tossed

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Rodgers is pitching most excellent this year and is on pace to break the all time scoreless record in the playoffs, but he got caught with pine tar on his hand and he should have been ejected from the game. You'd figure with all the the cheating/steroid talk that has captured the nation (remember the Congress?)that the league would have a zero tolerance policy on this. I understand it's the World Series and all, but Kenny's hand looked like it was dipped in a vat of the stuff.

Rodgers ran down and washed his hands before the umpires could check him, but they also did a horrible job afterwards. America is watching the game and aren't fools. We all saw what happened  and they should have gone to the mound and inspected him in the second inning. To hell with how it looks, this is the World Series. I remember going to see Gaylord Perry at Yankee stadium and we all wanted to be there if he got caught.

The surprise is that it took so long for someone to finally start looking for the hidden bag of tricks. This was the third time Kenny Rogers had taken his magic Koufax pills this October, the third different team whose bats he'd filled with holes. It was only a matter of time before he filled their heads with other theories.---And so there was Tony La Russa, grinding play to a halt last night at Comerica Park. There La Russa was, at the behest of his players, to consult with the six umpires sitting in judgment of the Cardinals and the Tigers last night, this after the Fox television cameras had detected a brownish smudge near Rogers' pitching thumb in the first inning. Was in pine tar? Dirt? The remains of a Nestle Crunch bar?

Tony LaRussa blew off Joe Buck's questions, but I think he did the audience a disservice. He could have told us what the Cardinals were thinking. Rodgers cheated all three games and now everybody knows. Any hitter that was caught corking his bat would have been ejected immediately. The way he pitched has no bearing on The Gambler. He played his ace up his sleeve and got busted.