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Changes to playoff format

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The Yanks would have been ousted by anybody with this group of players so my point isn't about the Yankees getting a better shake in the playoffs.

Some quick thoughts:

Make the first round seven games

This would draw more revenue to Baseball and the network covering the games so it's a win for all parties involved and it would make it more fun for the fans. Also, it gives the teams with the best records a chance to break out of an early slump and play up to their capability. There seems to be much more pressure on the better regular season team not to get kicked out of the first round while the wild card is playing with house money.

The wild card team should play all their games on the road in the first round

What reward does the team with the best record in the league get after working their tail off for 162 games? The opening two games and the final home game if it goes five. That just doesn't seem fair to me. To the baseball purists who hate the wild card this would seem to make it more difficult for the wild card to move on to the next round when they didn't play as well during the regular season and. Remember, if the wild card gets a split in the first two games, they can wrap it up at home.

What are your thoughts?