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Mets Lose, Mets Lose

Ho Hum. This is the least interesting World Series in recent memory. The only superstar in the Series won't get pitched to, and the Tigers have Kenny Rogers.

I'm not a Mets hater. I grew up in the Bronx, with a view of Shea Stadium from my window. Half of my family were Mets fans, and half Yankees. The Mets fought hard with zero pitching and came up short. The Cards are going to get trounced and I don't want to be there at the Coliseum to watch the slaughter.

All that being said, David Wright was a lame duck vs. St. Louis, and Carlos Beltran choked at the biggest opportunity of his life. Mookie Wilson said of his epic Game 6 World Series at bat vs. the Sox "Thou Shalt not pass without offering". Beltran just stood by and lost on buckled knees. He is young and undoubtedly will have many opportunities to come through when it matters. Just not right now.

Still according to the scrunity given A-Rod. Beltran and Wright are obvious failures who should be traded out of New York. Am I right? Jon Heyman should write about the impending David Wright for Mark Prior trade any day now...right?