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Either I am the lone voice of sanity amongst my fellow bloggers, or I am the crazy man yelling at people in front of the local 7-11. These days, I can't tell.

Scouring the net for Yankee news not involving tragedy, the only thing I come up with is A-Rod trade rumors. I hear talk of Zambrano, Mark Prior, Aramis Ramirez and I scoff at the notion. I read about the Angels with Ervin Santana...and I think, "That's all?". What Yankee fans, sour about another post season loss, are doing is looking for a pound of flesh.

I agree. Changes need to be made. To me though, the idea of trading away a player who will be mentioned in the same breath as Mays, Aaron, Ruth, and eeek Bonds is ludicrous. The charge that he fails in the post season and is the reason for the Yanks woes is tunnel vision at best, ignorance at worst.

Consider this:

  • Hideki Matsui was 3-14 in his last 4 playoff games against the 2004 Red Sox. He hit .200 with 1 RBI against the Angels in 2005, and hit .250 with 1 RBI against the Tigers.
  • Jason Giambi has driven in only four runs in the last two post seasons.
  • Gary Sheffield only hit 2 homers in 19 post season games since 2003 and batted .210 the past 2 Octobers.

Alex Rodriguez, love him or hate him has played as poorly as everyone else surrounding him in the lineup. Pointing out only his weak stats in the post season while Giambi, Sheffield, and Matsui wilted away as well is as inane as pointing out how A-Rod was doing something as silly as sunbathing in Central Park after a loss. I for one will not jump on the Trade A-Rod bandwagon. In fact, I will go even further and say doing so would be a huge mistake. From Roger Maris to the other "Mr. May" Dave Winfield, we Yankee fans sometimes sometimes wait til long after a person is gone to welcome them as a true Yankee. This will be the case with Rodriguez.

If he goes by next trading deadline, I will shake my head in regret as a half dozen players attempt to fill his spot in the line-up and at the hot corner. I will take my lumps if he doesn't come around next season. But just like all this year, I planted my flag on the pro A-Rod camp. Next season will be no different. And while you're in that 7-11, can you pick me up a Big Gulp? I've got a lot of shouting to do.