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Where could A-Rod land?

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The Journal News

Angels: Owner Arte Moreno has the money to pay Rodriguez, the desire to one-up the Dodgers and the prospects to trade in return. Young pitcher Ervin Santana and a young hitter, say infielder Brandon Wood, would suffice.

Cubs: If they hire Lou Piniella, adding Rodriguez makes a lot of sense. The Yankees can get Aramis Ramirez and Class A catcher Jake Fox

Dodgers: Outside of Arizona, no organization has more prospects from which to choose. The Yankees could get a package of three young players led by right-hander Chad Billingsley.

Padres: Cashman and Kevin Towers are old friends who talk often. If there's a trade to be made, they will explore every option. If Jake Peavy is on the table, the Yankees have to listen.

If he goes, the Yanks need pitching in return. PERIOD. There are some other choices on their list that don't add up to much, but any trade talk will begin with a starter.